What it Is

Do you want to want to discover a simple and surefire way increase your profits and cut overhead? Do you want a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ solution that will give you an almost “unfair” advantage over your competition?

As we all know, every moment that we do not spend billing our clients is a moment that profits are lost. Running a business costs money, and in order to generate revenue you need two things: customers in the door and services being performed.

Lets face it – your office is busy, and so are the lives of your clients. Sometimes client’s priorities become before commitments, causing last-minute cancellations and no-shows.  The cost of this profit-loss is passed onto you.

Imagine automatically saving just a few of these “no-shows” a month — and the hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars it would save your business.

With Kindly-Remind, your customers are notified of their upcoming appointments automatically — via text (SMS), voice broadcast, email — or all of the above.

With Kindly-Remind, you can end profit-killing no-shows and cancellations for good, and watch your bottom line increase up to 30%.

Our web-based appointment reminder service is the perfect fit for any appointment-based business. Our simple solution has helped medical offices, salons, therapists and rental services sky-rocket their profit margins.

Within minutes, you too can be utilizing our simple system to automatically notify your customers of the appointments.

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