Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Are there any contracts required to set up an account?

No, there are absolutely no contracts.

Can I see the results from the reminders that have been sent out?

Absolutely. When you’re logged in and using your personal dashboard, you can click All Reminders and see the status of all of your reminders — which ones are Awaiting Response, Confirmed, Cancelled, or Not Yet Sent (Future Events).

Can patients confirm or cancel their appointment via the system?

Yes the appointment can be confirmed or cancelled via text, phone, and email.

Can we customize our reminders?

Yes. The reminders are customizable, but the response codes (1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, for example) are not customizable. So these still have to be part of the script.

Do I need to download any programs?

No, our service works via the web. You simply log in and use our online interface.

Do we have to login to submit each reminder?

Yes, however, most clinics just leave it as an open window in the background while working with their primary appointment application. You simply have to set up each reminder with each appointment. It takes less than a minute. We also have an Upload CSV option that many people use. To use this you can use an excel spreadsheet to bulk upload your reminders at the end of the day.

What do the reminders sound like?

By default, the script of your reminder will be read in a computer voice. You can override this however by uploading your own audio file or having our system call you and recording the audio with your phone. We can also help you set up a professional recording if you wish.


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