Directionally challenged boy loses his job

We all have that friend who has trouble with right and left sides. Is very evident when you are driving and they are giving you directions. In addition, they usually are aware of the mistake and correct themselves almost immediately. Scientist claim that people with location problems, always have issues with left and right, meaning they are both two separate processes. The first involves a very complex neurological process that requires to accurately integrate visual, sensory and memory information. Believe or not even doctors can have trouble with right and left, there have been reports of doctors performing surgery with the wrong leg. Is also a matter of attention, most of the people that have directional issues also find really hard to concentrate on one task and are usually the ones that forget their keys inside their fridge?

Last year during a conference a doctor claimed that during his career the most common cause of an accident was directional mistakes. Either caused because when turning to the left the next thing was a cliff or because the truck was coming from the right side and the copilot addressed the driver to shift to the right to avoid it. According to him when someone says right when he is really wanting to turn left, he is aware of wanting to go left and most likely he is thinking about the left, but the action says differently. As I said before is a very complex task. After I got back from the conference the most amusing thing happened at work.

One guy missed work for almost a week and when he finally comes back he was walking with crutches and a cast on his right leg. When the boss sees him walking into the office he comes to welcome him back, two minutes later he says: John how come you have a cast on your right leg when you broke your left? I wished my boss could believe that it was actually the doctor who was directionally challenged and not John.

There are printable doctor’s excuses that can be purchased online. There might come a time that you will be needing these notes, especially when you faced to emergency and you can’t just get away with it.