Our Partnership with eVoice

Thank You for Signing up for Kindly-Remind.com

You’ve made a wise move. You just set up a new business and have signed up for Kindly-Remind.com. You have your appointment reminder system in place, but now you need to sound a bit more professional, right?

When you were setting up your account, one of our sales associates (Jacob, Chloe, or Marc) may have mentioned using a Virtual Phone System.  Virtual phone systems are services that provide local and 1800 numbers to businesses, along with tons of other features to make your small business appear large and established.

One VPS that we like is called eVoice.

eVoice offers a free trial that enables you to check out the system, risk-free, for 30 days.  To begin, click the button below.

Virtual Phone Systems Offer the following:

  • Auto Attendant – Make your business sound like it has multiple employees and different departments.
  • Call Routing – Forward your calls to cell phones and land lines, despite their locations.
  • US & Canada Local Numbers – Custom numbers are available — wherever you are.
  • Voicemail to Text – Your voicemails can be transcribed from voicemail to typed text.

About 10-20% of all of our customers make the wise choice and give a eVoice a shot. Click the button below to check it out now.

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