Automated Appointment Reminder

Offices are busy places. Many different kinds of businesses can benefit from using our unique web-based automated appointment reminder service, from the small business to large corporations to all kinds of medical offices will save a lot of money. The office is the area that creates profits for the business. The office keeps the business flowing by having someone schedule appointments, reminders, cancellations of appointments, operating the computer system, payrolls, hiring, employee concerns and any number of services. Many businesses have to hire someone just to answer the phones and take care of scheduled appointments.

It would be more cost effective if that business had an automated phone system that would do all of this for them. Last minute cancellations and no calls, no shows for scheduled appointments will cost the business a lot of money. An automated phone system for appointments would eliminate over 90 percent of these problems, because many of these customers may forget the appointment, thus missing it altogether and costing the company money. These phone services have SMS or text message, voice message and email reminders. The customer can use this automated system to confirm and or cancel appointments. The staff that is hired to do all of this scheduling can be freed up to do other important tasks. A phone system such as this will increase the company’s productivity. Yes, the business must subscribe to this service; however it will still save the company a ton of money.

When a medical office installs this phone system it will give the customer bits of general 24/7 medical information. This system makes no representations in regards to any medical information. This information is true and accurate and kept up to date. It is not intended to replace professional advice or mislead callers. The system makes no warranties. Customers may not rely on this systems medical information. Questions and or concerns should be directed towards the appointed doctor. If someone calls and is an emergency situation, the system will direct that person to seek medical assistance at their hospital. Any information supplied by this phone system is only general and simple information.

This great phone system must limit their liability related to a consumer relying strictly on the information and any damages that may arise when a consumer relies strictly on what general information is supplied to them. Our information cannot be passed on to anyone who has not heard our message. Anyone who passes on this information must be agreeable to defend our system against any claims for damages by a third party. Information can continue to be passed on and facts about this information can easily change as the information goes from one to another person.

This new website’s automated appointment reminder system is targeted mainly for doctors’, dentist’s, any medical office, real estate offices, and many more. All this web-based system requires is a click of the mouse and voice messages, email and SMS are broadcast as a reminder. Businesses rely a lot upon appointments of consumers. When appointments are forgotten it will cost that office time and money. And, many of these offices are charging for missed appointments because they really have no other choice. Many consumers become very upset over being charged but when this problem persists the office will possibly lose so much money that they will have to close.

When this web-based system hands out an automated reminder to a consumer, the system does so in plenty of time. It gives the consumer time to cancel their appointment if they need to do so. This eliminates any missed appointment charges. The office is happy and the consumer is happy with the results. What our web-based company is seeing is that businesses are saving anywhere from $100.00 to several hundred dollars every month. This system allows for a win-win situation with the office and the consumer. With the advent of mobile phone use and text messaging, customers appreciate this non-invasive communication in their life.

Our company has many free tutorials on how this valuable automated appointment reminder system works. Use our website to take a personalized tour to see just how great this system is and how well it works. No one is disappointed.