Do you want to want to discover a simple and surefire way increase your profits and cut overhead? Do you want a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ solution that will give you an almost “unfair” advantage over your competition?

As we all know, every moment that we do not spend billing our clients is a moment that profits are lost. Running a business costs money, and in order to generate revenue you need two things: customers in the door and services being performed.

Lets face it – your office is busy, and so are the lives of your clients. Sometimes client’s priorities become before commitments, causing last-minute cancellations and no-shows.  The cost of this profit-loss is passed onto you.

Imagine automatically saving just a few of these “no-shows” a month — and the hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars it would save your business.

With Kindly-Remind, your customers are notified of their upcoming appointments automatically — via text (SMS), voice broadcast, email — or all of the above.

With Kindly-Remind, you can end profit-killing no-shows and cancellations for good, and watch your bottom line increase up to 30%.

Our web-based appointment reminder service is the perfect fit for any appointment-based business. Our simple solution has helped medical offices, salons, therapists and rental services sky-rocket their profit margins.

Within minutes, you too can be utilizing our simple system to automatically notify your customers of the appointments.

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Seamless Web Interface

Super simple web interface -- no software to download, no hassles. Run side-by-side with your current software and watch your employees learn in seconds.

Your Clients Will Love You

Communication with your clients is something they love -- and keeping them happy and healthy keeps them coming back. Say goodbye to miscommunications and instantly boost customer loyalty.

More Cash in Your Pocket – Guaranteed

Slash staff costs by automating the time your staff once spent calling - meaning more money in your wallet and more time for your staff to focus on other tasks.

Remarkable Customer Support

Although Kindly-Remind is incredibly simple, we're here to help. Our staff is here for you 24-7. (We also have a concise 9-page manual and training videos.)

Custom Voice Recordings

Easily use your phone to add a personal touch to your voice reminders -- no microphone or recording equipment needed. Just have our system call you and record.

SMS & Email Notifications

Want to know if someone cancelled or confirmed without logging in? Easily set up SMS and email notifications in a few mouse clicks.

Complete Calendar Interface

Our calendar interface makes reminders incredibly easy. Drag and drop to reschedule future reminders, visually see response statuses, and much more.

Spy on Response Status

Use the All Reminders feature to view the status of your sent reminders. Visually see who has responded to your reminders -- confirmed, cancelled, etc.

Stagger Reminders

Stagger / Drip-Feed your reminders to easily avoid appearing invasive --- all while getting a surefire response.
Email ► SMS ► Voice (Optional)

Hands-Free Cloud Backup

All of your client reminder data is stored privately and is securely backed up on our Amazon S3 cloud -- each and every night.

Simple Integration

If your scheduling system can export CSV files, our system will work for you. Simply export and import into our system and the reminders are made automatically.

4x ROI Guarantee

Use our services and get at least 4x your monthly return on investment, or we will double your money back... Guaranteed.